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Opus 1 Music is proud to represent the following catalogs and record labels:


Audio Horizons

The Audio Horizons catalog is one of the world's leading multi-purpose production music libraries. Comprised of over 40,000 original tracks and growing, AHCD features music in every style and genre, from rock to pop to jazz to classical and beyond. Many of the tracks in the catalog are composed by Emmy Award winning composers Dennis McCarthy, Scott Liggett and Alan Ett.

                        1 Music

Opus 1 Music

Written and produced by Emmy Award winning and celebrated Los Angeles composers, Opus 1 offers a huge variety of music including rock, big orchestral themes, silly songs in the comedy category, electronica and club beats, hip-hop, jazz, classical, music from 'the golden ages' and the list goes on!

Build Destroy

Build Destroy Music

Exploding with the hottest trends in music, Build Destroy Music (BDM) is the highly sought-after catalog created and produced by world-famous DJ Skee: the curator of verge culture. BDM offers a diverse roster of innovative talent creating popular music. It's the perfect resource for anyone in need of cutting-edge tracks for commercials, films, television programming and interactive media.

Sound Saves

Sound Saves

Sound Saves Music is a global music publisher based in Colorado and California. They provide development and investment for musicians, while preserving quality, artistic spirit and goodwill. The Sound Saves catalog is comprised of hip-hop, pop, country, dance and electronic genres, currently with a heavy emphasis on instrumentals. Their past success includes working with Kid Ink, Lecrae, Wiz Khalifa, Sony/ATV, RCA Records, Sprite, Floyd Mayweather, Denver Broncos, Cash Money Records and many others.

Soul Studio 7

Soul Studio 7

Soul Studio 7 is the handiwork of the vastly talented Los Angeles based composer Matt Harris. This small boutique catalog ranges from dirty hip-hop beats to driving electronica. Well produced and modern, Soul Studio 7 never disappoints.

Gung Ho

Gung Ho

This library specializes in two extreme ends of the musical spectrum: The Gung Ho Popular Opera Series presents a comprehensive selection of popular arias from the world’s greatest operas. In contrast, the extraordinary label also features European electronica and a growing collection of contemporary albums.

Emergency Production Music

Emergency Production Music

UK Music Library Emergency Production Music is here to deliver first aid in the form of contemporary, underground-influenced music! Perfect for film, television and radio, Emergency Production Music's composers are directly influenced by emerging music styles fused with modern pop sounds, creating a totally unique and vibrant catalog. Each EPM track is packaged to include a full theme mix, a sub mix, a talk-over mix, production stings and FX.

Pure Music

Pure Music

The Pure Music catalog boasts top-caliber compositions spanning numerous genres. Produced using real instruments and live musicians, this music resonates with organic tones and fresh arrangements, delivering the ambiance you can only find in the magic of a professionally equipped recording studio.


Strange Fruit

Five albums of jingles and music beds of varying shorter edits, suitable for television and radio commercials, as well as promos. These albums contain more than 400 separate tracks encompassing a wide variety of styles and genres.

Musique and Music

Musique & Music

This highly-versatile library from Paris has achieved acclaim throughout Europe for its style, creativity and ability to capture the current musical trends that film, television, advertising and multimedia producers demand. You’ll find lush orchestral works alongside acoustic underscores, cutting-edge electronica, hard-hitting rock and so much more.

Sound For

Sound For Prod

A catalog of music composed specifically for the screen. Providing authentic sounds, just in time. Each album is designed according to a current trend to meet the musical needs of programs currently in production.



Onetrackaday is produced by Machiavelli Musical International Images in Italy. Machiavelli has been involved in music publishing, scoring and licensing since 1989. The catalog provides over 50 professional albums of music with incredible production quality, all recorded in state of the art Dolby surround and Digital FX.

101 Production

101 Production Music

If you’ve been anywhere near a radio, TV or cinema, then you've heard the music of 101PM. At the heart of 101PM are Art Phillips and Adrian Bolland. Their credits include multiple films, TV shows, commercials and numerous Gold and Platinum albums. With a team of award winning composers they produce outstanding music that is designed to enhance any production. 101PM is THE music of emotion.


Express Jingles

Express Jingles is a production music library established by Oguz Kaplangi, one of Turkey's most prolific musicians specializing in music for commercials and films. Oguz and his team of talented composers have designed an eclectic catalog for all music demands, including works representative of the region (Balcan, Aegean-Mediterranean, Anatolian/Near Eastern and Middle Eastern). Express Jingles has nearly 40 albums and over 1,000 melodic tracks with strong and catchy hooks.

Sakura Notes

Sakura Notes

The music in the Sakura Notes catalogs spans across a variety of styles. Featuring hip, quirky music by up and coming Japanese composers. J-pop, ethno-techno, dance, etc. As well as Original music composed and performed by Ms. Miho Yamaji. One of Japan’s foremost young koto (13 and 17 stringed Japanese harps) instrumentalist. Featuring the koto (13, 17 stringed harps) and Japanese bamboo vertical flute.

Royalty Network

The Royalty Network

From its humble beginning in a Brooklyn office to its now long maintained Mid-Town Manhattan digs, The Royalty Network has enjoyed extraordinary success since its 1994 inception. The company's client roster has increased dramatically from year to year, boasting a growing catalog of some of the most prolific songwriters, producers and artists spanning a multitude of genres. This includes a hit parade on albums from the likes of Beyonce, Daughtry, Flo Rida, Kelly Clarkson, Black Eyed Peas, Coldplay and Lil Wayne, as well as film and television credits such as The Hangover, American Idol, Dancing With The Stars and more.

FM Records

FM Records

This catalog is particularly appreciated for its strong national Italo-Mediterranean character. The library still, however, stands as a 'multi-genre' resource where alongside the characteristically Italian compositions you can find just as many works of high artistic profile with a decidedly international flavor. An ever-growing catalog, FM Records is highly active in the broadcast industry and it's also the music consulting company of reference for many of the best known Italian television production companies.

New World

New World Music

New World Music is an outstanding eclectic catalog of world-class albums spanning the globe of the world’s best-selling relaxation, ambient and new age music.



Amphonic / Sound Stage offers over 130 albums and a wide selection of styles including jazz, alternative, comedy, solo instrumentals and pastoral themes. Highlights include Beat Nation, Film Styles, Harpsichord, Organ, Alternative, World Impressions and Komic Keyboards.

YB Music

YB Music

YB Music is an independent record label established in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It started in 1999 by launching unreleased artists from the underground scene. Its catalog spans many different styles of Brazilian music, including hip-hop, samba-rock revisited by icons of the 70's, electronic music, instrumental music including classical music and jazz, emerging artists of São Paulo's scene, up to mangue beat from Recife. The label also received in 2001, 2005 and 2012 the APCA (São Paulo Art Critics Association) prize with the releases of Samba Rock (Best Group - Trio Mocotó), Samba Power (Best Album) and Badi Assad (Best Composer), respectively.


Groovers Music Library

A high-quality music library from Japan. Most of the music is produced and recorded live in their own studio, and this wide range of music covers everything from relaxing bossa nova to glamorous big band, heavy guitar rock to epic orchestral scores, unique 8-bit retro sounds to authentic traditional Japanese sounds.

Moments Music

Moments Music Library

A valuable and highly useful collection of industrial, jingle and middle-of-the-road albums further enhanced by titles such as Blues & Boogie, Acoustic Guitar and Christmas Moments.



This French catalog contains nearly 12,000 tracks across more than 220 digital albums, from full orchestral movements to musical cues to contemporary music and more. There's nothing you can't find in this big, broad and incredibly useful library.

Ready Made

Ready Made Productions

The Ready Made Productions catalog is designed to be a useful production tool that encompasses a wide array of musical styles. The library features news, world and suspense tracks that will provide your production with greater impact.

Music For Video

Music For Video

Produced by Orlamusic Production Music and performed by MFVgroup, this library offers a variety of genres and moods including trailer themes, retro moods, classy piano albums, atmospheres and themes for crime movies. Compositions from MFV have been used commercially by such world-renowned brands as Ferrari, Maserati, Bulgari and Acqua di Parma.

Your Tune
                        Music Ltd

Your Tune Music Ltd

Your Tune Music Ltd was formed in 2003 by Nick Kail and it has an extensive catalog of music ranging from smooth jazz and acoustic guitar to heavy rock, club and blues tracks.


Musical Concepts

One of the most significant privately owned collections of master recordings encompassing all of the most popular classical and operatic works. Over 80 albums feature the compositions of legends like Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, Handel, Schubert and even Gilbert & Sullivan.